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Control Panels with PLC, Drive, HMI

TSPL is hugely experienced in the field of Automation & Controls, acquired through years of execution of many challenging and prestigious Automation Projects in various parts of India. Our dedicated and well trained automation team is geared to deliver appropriate and effective solutions for our clients, through a deep involvement in the realization processes comprising of Application study, Design & Engineering, Manufacturing, Software Development, Commissioning and Support.

Modular & Bolted Construction. Powder Coated Sheet Steel Enclosures. Compartmentalized in single front or double front. Designed for compactness with ease of maintenance. Protection class upto IP-65. Sourcing of instruments and devices from market leaders. Resource friendly Software Coding. User friendly Interface Designs. Printed PVC Ferrules. State-of-art Cable Terminations. Laser engraved Name Plates.  

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